SkyGuru.Your inflight guide.

SkyGuru provides real-time explanation OF what and why happens

and what to expect during your flight.


SkyGuru works even in "airplane" mode

Interactive Advice

Experiencing anxiety during flights? Get information, advice and predictions from the takeoff up until the landing.

Real Time Turbulence Forecast

Be ready when turbulence comes and monitor it with our groundbreaking turbulence meter tool.

Weather information

Catch up with all of the latest weather information. Understand how it changes your flight experience.

Sounds and feelings

SkyGuru uses iPhone sensors to explain unfamiliar sounds, airplane maneuvers and your vestibular system senses.

SkyGuru explains what is going on with an airplane in real time during a flight

Sky Guru uses professional aeronautic information. It’s
downloaded to your iPhone before the flight when internet is still available.

SkyGuru works even in "airplane" mode

It downloads professional aeronautic information and uses complicated mathematical models before the flight. Inflight, SkyGuru predicts and explains all the processes, unfamiliar sounds and even your sensations using the sensors of your iPhone. You will be amazed how accurate SkyGuru can predict all flight stages and processes.

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Developed by experts

SkyGuru is developed by a team of experts: pilots, fear of flying therapists and software engineers.

Alex Gervash

Alex is a FAA and EASA licensed commercial pilot, psychologist and a fear of flying treatment specialist with more than 8000 graduates and over 9 years of experience.